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duo parnas NOW ~ Collaborations with Composers

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"Your CD blew me away! Really great playing, and so well-recorded, too. Bravi!"

-- Sharon Robinson

"NOW is the title and also the time frame for the latest new CD from duo parnas, violinist Madalyn Parnas and cellist Cicely Parnas... It's a clever name for a disc made up of all contemporary works... Taken as a whole, the disc is full of elegance and personality, thanks to the always fine playing. And yet the language of the music changes quite a bit from piece to piece. That's evidence that, in this eclectic, anything-goes era of American music, it's not easy to pinpoint what 'now' means. The opener is a mostly cheerful five-movement suite by William Bolcom, itself an exercise in eclecticism. Next is the soulful and impassioned De Profundis written for duo parnas by Stephen Dankner, who lives in Williamstown MA. Another piece written for the sisters is Paul Moravec's Parnas Duo, a stirring essay, rather conservative in its unabashed use of tonality. Contrast that to the briefest and spikiest piece, Charles Wuorinen's dissonant Album Leaf. My favorite is the five-movement Partita from Seymour Barab, a New Yorker who died in July at 93 and was best known for his lighthearted chamber operas. In the CD booklet, Cicely Parnas describes the piece as 'boisterous and groovy!' I can't think of a better way to put it."

-- Joseph Dalton

This third album of violin and cello duos is so named to emphasize that only works by living composers were included. This allowed for the exciting collaborative process between the composer and the performing artists, and establishes the composer's personal signature on their recorded work. The CD insert includes notes by the composers themselves, in addition to short bios. This amazing collection includes pieces by Lera Auerbach, William Bolcom, Paul Moravec and Charles Wuorinen. duo parnas NOW has been released as of July 19, 2014.

Track Listing
Suite for Violin and Violoncello
1 Prelude-Very free and fast (2:39)
2 With energy (2:07)
3 Stately, slow (4:06)
4 Very fast and skittish (0:40)
5 Street dances (2:00)
6 De Profundis (7:20)
Three Dances in the Old Style
7 Andantino Scherzando (1:37)
8 Andante (1:34)
9 Andante (1:01)
10 Album Leaf (2:36)
Partita for Violin and Cello
11 Praeludium (2:11)
12 Humoresque (2:07)
13 Scherzo (2:56)
14 Serenade (3:05)
15 Rondo (1:47)
16 Parnas Duo
Three Semblances
17 Alla Ligeti (Perpetuo) (5:52)
18 Alla Kurtag (3:27)
19 Alla Cubano
Three Sketches for Violin and Cello
20 Movement I (3:36)
21 Movement II (3:28)
22 Movement III (4:29)

Recorded at: Auer Hall, Indiana University Jacobs
School of Music, Bloomington IN on 14 January, 16 March,
and 14-15 December 2011, and 10 March 2012.

Recording Engineer: Konrad Strauss
Producer: David Dzubay
Copy Editor/Insert Layout: Justine Will
Cover Design: Peter John
Cover Photo: Michael Polito
Executive Producer: Lincoln Mayorga

Special Thanks: NOW is dedicated to David Dzubay and
Konrad Strauss in honor of their generous gift of time,
talents, and patience. - Madalyn and Cicely Parnas

Sheffield Lab Catalogue No. SL10092